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Yu Biography

"Under heaven no second!"

A guitar, a fit body, wild hair, piercings and tattoos. Former guitarist of the band „Cinema Bizarre“ returns like the Phoenix from the ashes. If you ask for finest rock music and deep lyrics mixed with a European character dressed in visual rock style …you will get the 'Professional Awesomnist' : Yu Phoenix!

The Beginning

Yu Phonix started his musical career in 2007 with the band “CINEMA BIZARRE” (Universal). With Cinema Bizarre he made his first live performance ever at the German music event ‘THE DOME 43’ with the single “Lovesongs (They kill me)”. Through the years he played hundreds of concerts and took part at big media events like:
THE DOME, COMET, TRL ITALY, FETE DE LA MUSIQUE - France, NRJ MUSIC AWARDS, EUROVISION SONG CONTEST(2008) ...and many more. In 2009, Yu and his band won the ‘European Border Braker Award’ for best sold European album and most famous European newcomer.

In 2009 another highlight for Yu and his band started to develope, as they went to see a show of LADY GAGA in Germany. After the show he met her in the backstage, LADY GAGA quickly made the decision to take his band on her tour in north America and have them as the opening act.
Yu and Cinema Bizarre played 20 shows with LADY GAGA in north America, starting in San Diego and finishing in Atlanta. After that tour Yu and the band played two more successful concerts on their own in Los Angeles and New York.
In June 2009 Yu reached another important point in his musical career, he and his band got awarded with GOLD in RUSSIA!

Altogether Yu played with Cinema Bizarre hundreds of sold out live shows in entire Europe, east Europe, Russia and also north America and over 50 TV performances and music shows. At least Yu and his band sold more than 300.000 albums worldwide which underlines the story of his success in the past years.


Single: „Lovesongs (they kill me)“
Universal Records
Release: 14. September 2007
chart position #9. (6 weeks still in top 50.)

Album: „Final Attraction“
Universal Records
Release: 12. Oktober 2007
chart position #9

Single: „Escape to the Stars“
Universal Records
Release: 7. Dezember 2007
chart position #36

Single: „Forever or Never“
Universal Records
Release: 29. Februar 2008
chart position #44

Single: „I came 2 party“ featuring ‚Space Cowboy‘
Universal Records
chart position #32

Album: „Toyz“
Universal Records
Release: 21. August 2009
chart position #24

Album: „BANG!“ First US release
Cherrytree Records
Release: 25. August 2009

Single: „My obsession“
Universal Records
Release: 27. November 2009

The PHOENIX rises again!!!

After a 2 years break, now Yu Phoenix is back in the music business!!

Together with KR MUSIC and the Producer Lars Rettkowitz he brought himself back into the spotlight by releasing his first single “MOONFLOWER” (Audiomagnet) in November 2011.

After the break of Cinema Bizarre in 2010 he moved to Los Angeles, lived and worked there as a songwriter and musician. At this time he improved his own music skills, improved his English and got to learn a different side of the world. With his friend Tadahisa Yoshida he started writing songs and planning his musical Comeback. Besides that he joined a friends band for that time, called „THE DARK“ to tour through all the famous Hollywood clubs.
While his time in L.A. he connected himself to the producer Lars Rettkowitz, to develope a concept and work on his songs and ideas. With all the experiences Yu decided to come back to Germany, to start the recordings on his new album in summer 2011. During the work in the studio he invited Jamie Lostein from Malaysia to work with him on a song that he started to write. Together with Jamie he recorded the song „MOONFLOWER“ at the KR MUSIC studios in Germany, which became his first worldwide released single after the break with Cinema Bizarre.

Next to the part as musician, Yu attaches great importance to the visual aspect for being a well known European representative of the „Visual Kei“ style. His energetic character and stage performances always infect the audience, therefore he became a trend-setter and style pioneer over the years for his fans.
By himself, he managed to survive all along and bring out new music and ideas.

Just like the Phoenix he returns from the ashes to burn again, brighter and stronger to burst the fire in the hearts of his fans!!!

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