domingo, 22 de enero de 2012


Today it has been 2 years.
At first i wanna say a big thankyou for over 21.000 people who like my facebook.
I first started this facebook page after we announced the end of CB, so i am very thankful that so many showed their interested even after.

This day put me into a reminiscent mood, it brought back memories like flashbacks that i pushed away before.

Some years ago, a little guy started a band with his friends and the message to stay true to yourself, Cinema Bizarre.
Together we grew as a band in good and bad times that i most cherish and that made me who i am in today and i know it was rarely easy with me.
With this blog i wanna unravel something what has been kept hidden before in respect.
Our band started with random circumstances, but it was other various reasons that in the end made us to announce this pause which turned moreso into a break up.
Certainly i can say, one of the reasons things started to crumble down was me being naive and blind.
We found ourself in a situation where we have been forced to find a new member for the band.
Someone that claimed himself a friend and leeched off my life got into this position due to myself being naive and trustful. Today i can say, this person was one of the major reasons that caused the end.
After several chances that i gave again, this person did not just leech out myself and friends and leaving financial damage, but also destroyed music projects and relationships just like poison!
Ive been stolen some of the things i cherished most by this person who claimed himself a friend.
I was blind and this is my regret.

Unsure what future holds for us, i cherish CB as the 4 people we were and truly made this band what it has been.
We never said never, but now each of us has to follow their own path, i am beyond thankful for the time :)

Now i continue my way of being an artist working with my friend Tadahisa Yoshida.
Music business isnt always as fancy as you might imagine it and so we didnt end up once we disbanded with a big paycheck but rather with some left over bills.
Still blazing i am working many sidetime jobs and selling most of my stuff to finance this project myself without any restrictions by anyone. We want this music to be alive and not just dead arranged notes.
Music is one of the biggest influences to this world, changing people who are able to change this world.
Were like soldiers, armed with music, fighting for freedom on different battlefields.
In times like these its important to know your friends. Those who stand in the fire for you without even asking for.
Learn to manage your trust and learn to let go.

Never be afraid!
Stay bizarre!



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